Small team with
broad expertise

Real offers personal advice on real estate investments, guiding you all the way from idea to set objective. Our mission is simple – to make every investment the best it can be. We provide custom solutions to optimise your real estate business.

The team at Real has extensive real estate experience. We are a small group of colleagues with collective skills to rival many larger company. It was in 2013 that we saw an opening for a smaller player that could act with more agility in the property market. And so Real was born.

We are with you all the way

As a company, we work closely with both investors and tenants, and possess all the necessary knowledge to make excellent property investments. We know that every step is important, which is why we are with you all the way from the initial idea to the ultimate objective. Our job is to identify properties, drive through acquisitions and divestments, manage portfolios and develop properties.

We do what we believe in

Real is owned by its partners, all of whom are active within the company. Our strength is that we do what we enjoy and where we believe in the underlying business plan! Acting in the capacity of an operating partner, we invest where we feel safe that our capital can be of benefit and grow alongside our investors allocated capital. We have high ambitions and always keep an ear to the ground for changes and opportunities in the market. Through close and long-term relationships, we can allow space for creativity and innovation, enabling us to unlock long term value for both investors and tenants. Our goal is for everyone involved to feel they are getting a good deal when they turn to us. 

Our services

Asset management

Because of our small scale, we are able to maintain close contact with all our clients. Every assignment is bespoke and we manage your portfolio for the best returns. You can expect regular updates and meticulous reporting. Long-term engagement is our focus, and we are often co-investors, meaning that we share our clients’ interests.

Property development

We see the potential in properties. Our job is to identify and unlock the hidden value that is often there if you know what to look for. Developing properties is a creative process that involves delving into the business, the area, community needs, the structure and much more besides. In this enjoyable and wide-ranging work, we make sure that we always partner with experienced developers to achieve the property’s full potential.


We identify properties, conduct acquisitions and drive divestments. With our experience in advising on both buying and selling, we guide you through the whole process. The goal is always to leverage potential value for the client, whether we represent the purchaser or the seller. Being a small team, with a broad network and sound creative expertise, gives us a head start in the market.