We unleash the full

potential of real estate

By identifying interesting themes, hand-picking objects and applying strategies for specific purposes, we can optimize the value of our investments.

Small player with great fingertip feeling

Close, sustainable relationships with both investors and tenants are a prerequisite for us to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors and at the same time be a professional and stable counterparty to our tenants. We always strive to be a positive force in the place where we are present and active.

Active review

As the world changes, so do our themes. Accordingly, we constantly adapt our investments based on return requirements and the market.

Investment theme

Our current investment themes are Vendus, which features grocery retail real estate, and Vencura, which features real estate in the social segment.

Strong and experienced management

Since 2019, Venandi has been the small effective player among the large real estate companies. The founders have broad expertise and long experience in the real estate sector, which gives Venandi the opportunity to ensure the best interests of both investors and tenants. With active management, Venandi optimizes the properties and unleashes their full potential.